There are so many important reasons to service your car regularly, including protecting the important investment you’ve made in a quality vehicle, and driving a car that’s roadworthy and safe to drive. All vehicles should be serviced every 6 months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first, and you should also have it inspected when you notice a reduction in performance or when something doesn’t seem quite right. Regular servicing is extremely important, as is using quality parts and products, especially a high-quality engine oil.

As experienced mechanics we can’t stress just how important it is to have your car serviced regularly (and in line with the manufacturer’s specifications) with premium quality oils like Liqui Moly, which is the engine oil we use for log book and general servicing. Here are some of the most important reasons for having your car serviced on a scheduled basis.

Better performance and mileage

When your car is in peak condition, it delivers optimum performance and mileage. This means it responds faster and is overall more responsive in terms of acceleration, steering and braking, plus it delivers better fuel efficiency which is something that every car owner desires. Along with the savings you’ll enjoy at the pump, this means you’re using less energy and producing fewer emissions, which is good for the environment. With rising fuel prices and temperatures, these are issues we all need to prioritise.

Minimises the need for repairs

Regular servicing and using quality engine oil both help to minimise the need for repairs. Having your car serviced on a regular basis benefits you because it makes it easier to identify potential issues that can be addressed before they become bigger issues. As we all know, the bigger the problem, the more expensive it tends to be to fix.

Quality engine oil minimises the need for repairs by providing a superior and longer lasting performance that protects the moving and static components that comprise your engine. The oil that lubricates engine components is the most important fluid used in your car as it prevents friction between parts and components, minimising wear and tear. Keeping the engine oil clean and topped up is one of the most important aspects of a car service.

Safety checks

Another major benefit to car servicing is having an experienced and qualified mechanic check the safety systems of your car, including the brake system, tyres and suspension, along with seat belts and other specific safety features. As part of a log book or general car service, your mechanic will check all brake components, inspect your tyres for uneven wear and tear, and check the suspension. While there may not be any need for repairs or part replacements, your mechanic may find that belts need tightening or tyres rotating to avoid repairs and minimise expenses.

If you need a log book or general service in Penrith or West Sydney, book your car in at Oz & Foreign. We’re a licenced service centre and can service your car to keep your manufacturer’s warranty up to date and provide servicing for all makes and models, with European cars our speciality.

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